Tanwen's work extends beyond her making practice and has become a specialist in education, community engagement and socially engaged work. Working closely with project partners, artists, makers, designers, musicians, theatre practitioners, community groups, residents and schools, Tanwen aims to develop collaborative projects and create a positive impact in the social and cultural fabric of our communities. Tanwen has worked on both local and national initiatives within the arts, cultural, heritage, education, health, and environment sectors. 

Specialist areas

  • Producing learning programmes and activities for co-creation projects, public art, education, arts and environment, health and wellbeing initiatives, socially deprived communities 

  • Advise on panels for local government, creative communities, and NHS projects

  • Commissioning of artists, designers, and makers for public work

  • Mentoring for artists, designers, makers, and creative learning interns 

  • Teaching art and design subjects within educational and community settings 

  • Delivering Continuing Professional Development for artists, designers, makers

  • Delivering Career Long Professional Learning for teachers

  • Strategy writing for learning including Scottish Government initiatives and co-creation programmes

  • Understanding the processes and practice within socially engaged work

  • Understanding the processes and practice of art, design, and craft 

  • Understanding of how creative learning and interdisciplinary working works within the context of world class producing theatres 

  • Designing learning resources for co-creation projects, art and design activity 

Photo of a group of young participants at one of Tanwen's workshops as part of a family arts day at Prestongrange Museum, East Lothian. Families drew large scale murals using bamboo canes with charcoal. Images for the big draw came from the museums archives and were projected onto the walls within the museum. Families shared their memories of the communities and industries that once laid there, including glass works, pottery, colliery, and brickworks. 


  • Scottish Artist Union 

  • Disclosure Scotland PVG scheme (protection of venerable groups - children)