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Hi there, I'm Tanwen...

I am a proud native Welsh speaker, fourth-generation metal worker,  glass artist, and cultural practitioner.

About me

As an artist, I am passionate about making glass and wire creations that inspire and captivate. With a master’s degree in design and applied art (glass) from Edinburgh College of Art, I have honed my craft and developed a unique style that showcases my creativity and expertise. My work has been displayed at the prestigious British Glass Biennale, is part of the Dan Klein and Alan Poole Associates collection at the National Museum of Scotland, and I have also served as an artist in residence at Edinburgh College of Art.

As a cultural practitioner, I am passionate about the arts and all forms of creative expression. My work with Creative Scotland, Arts Council of Wales, and Greenspace Scotland allows me to take part in the larger eco-system of the creative industries, supporting the development of artists and arts organisations throughout Scotland, Wales, and beyond. 

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